Real or Not Real

Real or Not Real

Nothing is real
I’ve heard that before
I’ve written that before
I’ve felt it before
I’ve been it before

Nothing is real
Nothing is real
Except this very moment
And now, as you reflect on that last word
It is gone now too

All the hype
Thrown in our faces
All day
Every day
Makes me want to do nothing but pray

Or sleep
Sleep away this moment
This moment of disruption from society
Always trying to shove it’s ugly wayward ways
Down our throats

I hear
Even though I try to close my ears
I see
But not always through the beauty
Of a camera lens
I feel
And sometimes I am sorry I do

This brutal world we live in
Created, built, sustained by greed
This is not what we need

So foreign to our ears

So foreign to our hearts

We need it soooooo much

Yet we are afraid
Afraid of that which we need so much
Afraid to receive that vulnerable touch
Afraid to open our heart to love

Deceived by the desires of others
Whose voices are louder, stronger
Pounding their desire into the vulnerability of those they deceive

We work
We struggle
Trying so hard to be what someone else has told us we should be

And then, if we are lucky
We fall far enough from the beaten path
That we see the real reality
We were meant to be

We are here to be free
Free from the confines of an ungrateful society
We are here to tend to our own hearts
And fill ourselves with Love

First Love is real love
Then — you are able to give love
Give love that does not come in a box
Or a car
Or a jar
Real Love that cannot be wrapped or adorned
With a ribbon or a bow

I let my mind go
I let my pen flow
And I have no idea where this will go

All I know
Is when I follow my heart
My intuition
Good things come to me

When I think I must
I have to do this
If I don’t, I never will
I never will what?
That is where my mind gets stuck

Stuck in a rut
Like muddy trails of quicksand
Stealing your soul
Your insight
Creating blight
Obscuring the light we were meant to be

The light we were meant to be
Why do we close the curtains on the life we were meant to live
Creating a safe culture
That smothers us like a vulture

Today, I want to come home to me
I want to be all I am here to be
Today I will take a chance
I will create a new romance
I will dance with the Sun
I will kiss the Moon
I will allow the flowers to make me swoon
And take in every piece of beauty
That God lays before me

I will listen to my Heart
And follow every Yes it gives to me
I will pleasure in the simple things
And be grateful for every smile I receive

I will be kind
I will be courteous
And, hopefully, I will be patient
Patient with myself and with others
And,      and, hopefully not be impatient with those I cannot control
Including other drivers, and pedestrians, and try, try, try, to send a quiet    blessing to those who seem to annoy me

I step back again
And remember Love

Love of Self
Love of others
And open my heart to receive

Love has no limit
No dollar sign
No time stamp

Love Is
And in a perfect world
Love is all that there is

So even,
If for just one moment today
I live in a world of Love
I will know that it was meant to be that way
And that is where I will try to stay

In this moment
In the next moment
And every moment that I can have my way

Now won’t you come and play
We will both have more Love that way

Billie Shults

2 thoughts on “Real or Not Real

  1. I miss you at Open Heart Mic, Billie – heck, I MISS open heart mic! it was great to read this and hear your voice in there – thanks for sharing! And thanks for speaking what a lot of us are feeling!


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