Big Fat Buddha

20190713_103830 - CopyBig Fat Buddha
Sitting in a pot
At all he has got

A field of flowering blossoms
Smiling at each other
All colors of the rainbow

Sharing their beauty
And making more smiles

Buddha doesn’t care
The color they wear
Buddha doesn’t care
New or old
Withering from sunlight or age

A flower is a flower is a flower
No matter what the age or stage
The beauty is in the eye of the beholder

We are all flowers on the Earth
We change colors
And we rebirth

How can we judge
That which we will come to be
Even not knowing
That that was once
Who we used to be

We are all
And we are one
We live under the Infinite Sun

We fight a war
As we try to ignore
The Light, the Love
That we were born to adore

Become One with Yourself
And let others be
Just like the pot of flowering blossoms
Bending over in ecstasy
Inviting you to be
All the beauty
You were born to be

Billie Shults

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