The meandering mind, taking me on a travel
So far away, to a destination I have not yet imagined
Like an unpaved highway
I will travel my way

Where I go
I do not know
I will stop
I will breathe
I will close my eyes
And feel the breeze

I will open my ears
To the lullaby of the wind chimes
And listen as the trees
Unleash their leaves

I open my senses
To what is unseen
And allow the breath of God
To clear my mind

To dispose of the idiosyncrasies
Of everyday life
And live in this moment
And this moment
And this moment
Allowing that new breath
Of life to enter my soul

I see the beauty in the fallen leaves
Laying a carpet of gold
At my feet

I honor the deities around me
In this sacred space
And ask them to enter my heart
To make me fierce
To breathe fire
And break the boundaries
Of Earthly desire

I calmly sit
In a bowl of beauty
Surrounded by jewels
Of red, green, brown, gold and oranges
Glittering in the breeze

Just Being
Being beautiful

Becoming One with the Earth
Never knowing
Never questioning
Never looking back
Never looking forward

Not knowing that their earthly demise
Is only a disguise
And they will be reborn
To decorate the skies
Where once again,
Someone, not me
Will watch the beauty
Of the turning of the season

If for no other reason
To just Be
In this moment of time
And know, that there is no other

Billie Shults

Notes:  Amherst Group Writing
Descriptions were mostly inspired from a road trip to look at fall colors. Much of what is described was from sitting in the Cloister area of Trout Lake Abbey in Washington.

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