SPIRIT MESSAGE (09-30-2017)

SPIRIT MESSAGE – 09-30-2017
(received after a morning meditation)

I am Holy
I am Perfect
I am a child of God

I strive to be a better me today
and every day
Every day I consciously make the world a better place
in some little way

I become distracted
I lose my way
I stray and sway away
from my original intention

I lose my focus on ‘social media’
and other healers selling their wares
to show me how broken I am

Yes, we are all damaged in some ways
And healing ourselves makes us able to help others heal
But Please!!!
It is not a formula,
handed down from one healer to another
I am weary of being told how broken I am

I empathize with the words of the broken hearted, the abused, the socially scorned, the ones who lived through the death of loved ones, and loved not wholly those who were of a birth family.

I have loved deeply those who were scorned, and unaccepted, even if only briefly. I have experienced intimacy with a stranger at a bus stop, and in a deserted alcove. Then moved along on my way, without ever knowing their names, and knowing our paths would never cross again.

These brief encounters have changed me forever, learning to know myself, and the power granted to me by God – the great Creator

We are all broken
We are all whole
We are here to serve one another
We are of the same blood

Every stranger is a part of us
But this we do not know
Society and culture strives to mold us
And being molded will destroy our essence

Become one with who you are
Love who you are
Believe in yourself
Your whole self
Your holy self
The self that God gave to you at birth

Then, you were perfect
You were Holy
And you were whole

You are perfect
You are Holy
And you are whole

Come back to who you are
You have traveled far
Come back to center
Accept who you are
There will never be another you
Believe in yourself and shine!
Your soul is beautiful
Share it with the Universe
We are one

Billie Shults

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