Good God

Good God
What is all this rhetoric surrounding this subject?

People argue over the face and facts of God We are created in his image. Then we fight with our fellow human beings over who is right and who is wronged based on the style of our body, be it black or white. How can we be created in the image of God when we all look different?

Good question. You will have to answer that for yourself.


Then we fight about religion. God didn’t create that. Man did. Maybe man was created to fight — but I don’t really think so.

It is the mind of man that creates this crazy chaos we call life.
God is Spirit, and he gave us this thing called Free Will,
and we use it as our enemy when we think.

We think we know the answers. We strive to prove our opinions through “facts”, science and sometimes even bullying.

How do we decipher what is real and what has been made up?
Again, you get to decide.

Me, sometimes I like to live in my alternate world. The one where there is no pressure to perform, please another, make my point, defend my decision or feel the need to convince another that I am right in my thinking or ways. Peace – that might be what it is called. Peace in my mind and in my heart. Contentment, with what is, in this very moment.

This, I think, may be where God resides, and I invite this peaceful Spirit to be a part of me.

Billie Shults
02-11 2017

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