Reflections On A Healing Weekend


This was not meant to be a writing, but a  reflection on a healing weekend of shamanic classes and journeying into other worlds. During our journeys truths were revealed by our Spirits, through the Spirits of other participants voices, and looking within to see and feel our radiant selves. Many beautiful words, talents and history were revealed to each participant.

If a stranger to you revealed your innermost beauty, knowledge, abilities, confidence and basked in the glory of your presence, both past and future, would you be able to accept it with a sincere thank you, or would you ask questions?


What if I was all this goodness and more?
What if I could accept all the good that is mine?
What if I could reject all the lies I have told myself?
What if I never heard the hurts that other people have put on me?
What if I were never molded into  a box?

What if there were no rules, only kindness?
What if we only saw each other as if we were blind?
What if we all held hands and prayed for each other every day?

Would we believe in ourselves and our greatness?
Would we reach out further to help those in need,
knowing that helping others also serves ourselves?

Could we believe in a Universe of Oneness?
Could we understand that we are powerless on our own? Powerless without the help and cooperation of others, in our families, cities, states, countries, continents and the cosmos?

It’s a far reach and beyond most of our imaginations,
but if you could go there, would you?

Why or Why Not?

We set our own limitations and those that are limited in vision assist us in believing this false reality.

What if our life was make believe, and make believe was real?
What If?

Billie Shults

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