So many words from the wise ones of ancient times. Many perspectives.

The path to God is the path to God. It is our choice which one to travel.

Beware of the preacher or priest that tells you his way is the only way. That, in my opinion, is the way to hell. The way of shame and guilt. The way of fear and gullibility – to save your soul and have peace in a time after you have taken your last breath.

Why wait for heaven, when Now is the time we breathe? Why walk the path of someone else, when this precious life we have today is the path to our joy and fulfillment? How can you be sure that their truth is the One Truth? The preacher in the next church says you are going to hell. Who is right, and why does one have to be wrong?

Fill your heart with Love, Joy, Compassion and Kindness. Is this not what a loving God would want for you?

One path would be lonely. The world is made with many mountains, and the view is different from each one. Who is to say which one is more beautiful? Who is to say that the difficult path is the most rewarding? Who is to say that the path must not cross rough terrains if only you blindly follow?

What does your internal yearning whisper to you? Why can you not hear it? Have your ears been blinded by the blight of those who would steal your soul – in the name of God they say?

Wear your winter coat and walk in the snow. Feel the silence, and take in the glittering beauty of nature. Know that with every step you take, the landscape changes.

The path you are on is the path to God. Like the trails to the mountaintops – everyone has their path.

Even if you travel with a partner – you will never take the same steps.
Believe your soul.
Take time for silence.

Beware of those that sell you something “for your own good”.
Whose pockets are they lining?

This is my truth today.
Tomorrow I may add another.
And to that, I may walk on another trail.

If I only walk in darkness,
I will never see the light.

Billie Shults


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