Beware The Darkness

Beware the darkness
May hold the key
To the light you seek

The stranger who instills fear
only because he looks different than you
The acquaintance from the past
who only held their own self interest in their heart
The beggar without a hat
who responds to your silent blessing

A simple nod
Hands to your heart in a prayerful acknowledgement
A friendly hello
And a gesture to speak with no words
These may be the keys to your future

A future without fear
fear of the unknown
fear of becoming known
fear of not being the being you were meant to be

What if
you broke those chains that bind you
The chains of your parents
The chains of your teacher
The chains of your peers
The chains of your employers
Your friends who only seek to better themselves

What if
You broke those chains, the invisible barrier
that keeps you hidden from yourself
What if you left this fantasy world of What If’s?

You would be a stranger
A stranger to yourself
Your loved ones
Your family
And most everyone else

And what would it matter,
if you truly knew
you were being true
to yourself

Who else matters more than that?
Who else can care for you more than you?

Give up the false pretenses of
Living for someone else
Your parents
Your partners
Your children
Your nation

Live for the light of your soul
Light yourself on fire
Or at least burn incense  🙂

Be the light that you really are
You are what you are
Don’t be afraid to light your own way

Be loved, beloved one
You are the light
Shine on your way

Billie Shults





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