Remember to Shine

All is Love
Love is all there is.

Even in the torment
of murders, hatred and violence

Love remains strong

Love is the connection
that allows a stranger
to offer his own life
for the safety of another.

Love is invisible
Love is invincible
Love can conquer hate
Love can cross a bridge
Love can open doors

Even those that hate, have love
in their hearts — somewhere
as obfuscated as it may appear

We may hate what they have done
But love them anyway — at least try
The embodiment of their actions
is not their true self
The true soul knows no violence,
only love

Sadly, our true soul gets covered
in the fantasies of humanity.
Fantasy is not our reality.

Love is all there is
God is Love

God has no name, only the ones
that humanity has assigned to it.
It is God, and God doesn’t give a damn
what you call It.

In the darkness of horrendous tragedy,
I pray to remember the truth of who I am.
I pray for those that have been harmed
and I light a candle to remind me
of the light we all hold within.
I pray for the grace of God
to soften our sorrows —
and remind us of our internal flame

One candle lightens a darkened room
One act of Love can change the world

We are light beings.
Remember to shine.

Billie Shults


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