Life is so deep, so high, so hard to understand, 
     and yet so obvious when we learn how to fly.

Fly high with the wings of inner wisdom. 
Let the feathers of distrust float in the sea. 
Close your eyes and you will see the beauty inside
    You and Me

Disrobe yourself of false pretenses
Be naked to the winds of wisdom
Close your ears to those that demand to be heard.
Be Peace. Be Still.

Allow the windswept surf to create a new reality
     ever aware of the constant change in eternity.

The truth resides in your soul
Be gentle with yourself 
     as you would have others be gentle with you.

We are the truth of our thoughts.
      Be gentle
      Be kind
      Be generous
      Be love

No thing is more important than anything that lights your soul on fire.

Billie Shults

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