Banquet Table of Life


At the banquet table of life is where I sit. In the great out-of-doors where birds sing – a song I know nothing of.

The rain, she pours her heart on me. Making me aware of my vulnerability. She disappoints me, as I was going to write, here on this mountain with beauty, so bright. But the rain, She said wait, watch and listen. I will pour my love and nourishment on you. Until I release you to write, there is nothing to write — until you experience the essence of all that there is. All that there is lies in your soul. It flies with the birds wings. It sings in their beauty. It flies with the wind. Without me, you will die.

Drink up my essence through the wind and rain. Be aware that there is so much more than at first we experience.

Turn the page and let the love light fly. Carry you away in the winds of time and space and the real reality of the invisible plane. Here is where you, your soul will fly. It is your destiny, and you can experience it now. Let the elements fly through you now, through your heart and into your ears. Allow, just allow, the life force of energy of nature, of God, to BE.
Just BE!

03-03-2016 Writing

Be willing to be uncomfortable
Be willing to take cover
Be willing to ask for help
Be willing to adapt
Do not ask the past to solve your problems.
Be here now.
Stop. Listen, and know you are not alone.

The Universe is working on your behalf. You are here to help heal the world.

Shine bright Beautiful One
You are the light.

Billie Shults, 03-03-2016

Notes: Written on Powell Butte!
A great place to get in touch with nature and be inspired and write write write.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



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