I Am Holy

I am Holy
I am Om

These were the last words she heard before she drifted off into the world of the unknown

A place where there are no mysteries
All the answers are there
The answers to the unanswerable questions —
Why were we put on that Earth plane anyway
And look at all we learned

Life is perfect here
We can feel emotions, but only if we want to
There is only one emotion, and that is high
Probably because we don’t rely on oxygen for us to breathe

But we choose to, in order to gain a greater understanding of the next
Earthling task we will be sent to do
We breathe to remember, and to whisper our sorrows to you
We breathe so you who are left behind can feel our presence
We breath because we want to remember how
when we lower ourselves back to humankind
Humankind, I wonder where that word originated
Because as a race
You are anything but kind to one another

We should be kind to our kindred
Our brethren souls, related by blood or the throes of the Universe
We all came from The One, and there we will return
I can see us now, holding hands, skipping and jumping with Joy filling our faces
Holding one another up when one falls, or simply cannot stand any longerbecause of joy induced laughter.

The Universe revolves around each and every one of us you know
Through the dark sky and blanket of protection, rejection, imperfection and implication
of humanity, we are scarred and scared and become someone that we are not.

Oh the humanity, the inhumanity of humanness
To take away the light that leads our soul
For this I cry. Raindrops of sorrow for those who care not to see
the beauty all around thee.

Look up, and feel the ground
You are the Universe
Can’t you feel?
Do you feel me push?
I whisper, and I shout
And you know no better
Than to tune me out

I understand
I have been there too.
I stood in your very shoes,
and beside you too.

I will continue to whisper
Through the trees and the clouds.
I will greet you with beauty in the morning
when you look into your own eyes

I will give you the gifts of nature
And nuzzle you with a breeze
I will wrap you with Love in brilliant sunlightAnd Peace in the full moon

I am nature
I am God
I am you
You are me
Together, we will be forever be the Unity of humanity

Go forth and be blessed

Billie Shults, February 13, 2016




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