Do Vision Boards Work?

Written 12-03-2015

 At first glance – Unequivocally  YES. Last year I led 2 workshops to create Vision Boards – or Treasure Maps as they are sometimes called.

I did this, remembering that many years ago, maybe a couple decades now, I had created one led by a spiritual leader of mine. I kept it on my wall in plain sight, and EVERYTHING came to fruition, including the car, a luxury car, that was waaay out of my price range came to be a reality.

I write this now, as I prepare for leading another Vision Board Workshop for the upcoming year to light my path, as well as the path of others who choose to join me on this journey of creation of realities by visualizing our desires.

I write this now, interrupting all previously unmade plans for the evening. Amongst a few treasures I had forgotten about while looking for a lost item, I came across the vision boards I created last year when I facilitated the two workshops I had the pleasure the leading.

As I looked at the Vision Board on top, the first two words that jumped out at me were: ARIZONA and WRITE.

At that moment I stopped what I was doing to immediately write this!

Arizona and Write

The date of the Vision Board was 2/27/2015. I had absolutely no idea that come September I would be traveling to Arizona for the International Reiki Retreat. I also had no idea that I would be joining a writing club that would forever change me, my styles of writing, and give me insights into myself and the unseen world that demand to be shared!

Creating a vision, through the use of a Vision Board, or any number of tools, really can create a new reality for yourself. [Read – Yourself, not Others.]

Now for the rest of the test. I will now look at the rest of what I created, nearly a year ago to see what new realities I have created for myself. This is what I found on the Vision Boards.

“Imagine Pure Bliss” – I use the term Reiki Bliss for the experiences I receive and create while doing my healing work.  “Excitement” – yes, I feel that a lot!  “Eyes” – There were many eyes in this Vision Board. Singles and sets. Eye don’t know how to explain that, except I have probably learned to see from multiple angles, with and without my vision – and have learned to trust more and more in my intuition. There are birds and hearts and clouds, decorative shiny stars and a big lounging chair.


Nowhere is there a body humped over a computer, with a headache, looking miserable.

There is nature, nurture, unseen wisdom, adventures, travel, fluffy clouds – and God knows I have taken hundreds of pictures o fluffy clouds in the past year – leisure, color, fun, beauty, and the realization that this is the reality I have created for myself.

“I have learned to be Myself” – Yes, that is on my Vision Board too. I have come to own that I have a special gift to share with others through my hands, my inner vision and my art – Reiki, intuition and photography.

Our thoughts create our reality. What we put in front of ourselves is what we strive for, regardless of how conscious (or unconscious) we are of the vision we are creating for ourselves.

This was fun to look at and review, but wait! I did two of these last year. Oh boy, the adventure continues as I look at the second one. Oh My God! There is a train! I took a train trip, the Verde Canyon Railroad, when I went to Sedona for the International Reiki Retreat.

“Photography – Nature – Storytelling” – Oh Yeah – This has definitely been part of my adventure this year. I have had so many spontaneous adventures. AND I have received the comment many times over that people love my Reiki stories. Hummm, maybe ‘storytelling’ should become part of my story as a healer and spiritual seeker. Good Idea! Thank you Spirit.

This has been an insightful writing. Writing is revealing. Now I dare myself to reveal myself to you!

Now back to the original question? Do Vision Boards work? Unequivocally and unarguably  YES.

Namaste and Blessings


I will be leading a Vision Board Workshop on Friday, January 8, 2016. See full details on my website.  You can call with any questions at 503.766.3689.


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